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   Tammy Emmerich, Principal of St. Mary's Catholic School in Boise, stops by Morning Light to share all of the wonderful things going on, including a new pre-school opening in the fall and their Spanish Literacy Program.

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   Each week, a member of the Bishop Kelly community visits with Morning Light.  This edition features Derek McCormick - social studies teacher and head coach of the Lady Knights basketball team.

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Today’s prayer:  “Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary.  Help me ardently make a Covenant of Consecration with Mary.”    

Questions for Day 20: Imagine yourself living with Mary in Nazareth.  What would you talk about? How would you relate to Jesus, her Son? Looking at the chart on page 80 in “33 Days to Morning Glory” choose two of Mary’s duties to you that you consider most important.  What are you expecting Mary to do, exactly? Finally, choose two of your duties to Mary - ones that are significant to you or will really challenge you.

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Top 5 Movies

Albertson's Grand Opening

Idaho Catholic Youth Conference

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"Why Do We Do What We Do?"  Brian & Whitni share personal stories of why they are involved in ministries, organizations, athletics, etc.  How do our Morning Light co-hosts allow God to use them to help build up the kingdom?

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