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   The "official" Coaching Educator - Rebecca M. Carroll - was out with the flu so Brian & Whitni from Morning Light step in to discuss the latest scandal out of Hollywood - college admission fraud.

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   High School youth ministry coordinator, Rusty Bang, visits Morning Light to talk about the youth ministry available at Holy Apostles in Meridian.

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Today’s prayer:  “Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Help me to be faithful to heart-pondering prayer, as was Mary.”  

Questions for Day 24:  What is true humility? Where in your life are there opportunities for the practice of humility?  Mary was attentive to the details of God. When has your attention to detail given you insight into what God wanted of you in a specific situation?  Finally, during this retreat, when have you most powerfully experienced heart-pondering prayer - how has your love for Jesus grown?

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Magic Valley Catholic young adults

St. Nicholas Church & School Annual Basque Festival

63rd Annual St. Patrick's Day Dinner at Our Lady of Good Counsel

The Buhl Knights of Columbus All-You-Can-Eat Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Hall

Salty Talk - Free Fry Day this Sunday at Good Burger in Boise.

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   From St. Vincent de Paul, Ralph May (Executive Director) and Grant Breidenbach (Marketing) stop by Morning Light.  Topics include: IgNite Dinner at the dining hall with St Paul’s student center ... upcoming grand opening of the Reentry Services office ... and the Boise School STEP program working at the Overland Center.

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