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   "Catholic Counseling" is a weekly segment on Morning Light where we’ve assembled a panel of experts to help Catholics maintain good mental health. This week, Kathy Edwards talks about "Spring Cleaning for the Mind"

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   "Knights News" is a weekly segment of Morning Light.  This week, we talk with Grand Knight Karl Korbin from the St. Edward's Council in Twin Falls.  Besides all the wonderful pro-life work they do in the Magic Valley, find out the other projects they help with.

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Today’s prayer:  “Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Draw me in, with and through Mary, to the Fountain of Love and Mercy.”    

Questions for Day 28:  Have you thought about dedicating a small corner of your home or your garden to Mary?  Which is your favorite image or statue depicting Mary? Finally, “Divine Love placing a limit on evil” is how Pope John Paul II defines the Mercy of God.  Everyone carries around past and present evils - what limits on those evils do you recognize as Divine Mercy in your life?

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   John Keenan from the Idaho Lay Dominicans stops by Morning Light for his weekly segment.  During this episode, he discusses "merit."

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   "Cooking With Scripture" is a weekly segment of Morning Light where Chef Lou Aaron from Westside Drive-In (and a Deacon at Our Lady of the Rosary in Boise) shares some delicious food from Biblical times.  This week, a delicious chicken wrap with chard, goat cheese and hot pepper as he talks about the meaning of the word "covenant." 

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