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Recorded at the Carly Center on the campus of Bishop Kelly High School in Boise, ID.  Bishop Peter as celebrant.

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   Pat King & Josh Dickson bring you "Man Cave" - a weekly segment of Morning Light on Salt & Light Catholic Radio.  This week's theme is "courage."

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   During the weekly pro-life segment of Morning Light, Melissa Hemphill stops by the St. Gabriel Studio to discuss both 40 Days for Life and Silent No More.

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Today’s prayer:  “Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary.  Help me to find the love of the Heart of Jesus hidden in the darkness.”  

Questions for Day 15:  Mother Teresa experienced darkness and loneliness after saying yes to Jesus.  She eventually discerned it to be sharing in the suffering and thirst of Jesus on the Cross.  What about this is attractive to you? What about it is difficult or even frightening for you?  Finally, Mother Teresa says “Suffering is a gift from God. It is between you and Jesus alone inside.”  What is your understanding of this as a Catholic?

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   Teresa Zepeda begins her 3-part series on Lent during "Faith & Feasts" a weekly segment on Morning Light.

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   Christian Welp from the Idaho Catholic Network discusses bills from the Idaho Legislative session that affect Catholic voters on Morning Light.

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