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   Every other Friday morning, Dcn. Gene Fadness - Editor of the Idaho Catholic Register - stops by Morning Light with the latest edition hot off the press

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Whitni Willmore from Morning Light goes over some upcoming events for young adults

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   Spend this day pondering St. Mother Teresa’s teaching as it is summarized by these three words:  Thirst … Heart … and Covenant. During these final days, there will be no new questions. Instead, you’ll have three words to reflect upon - words that summarize the teaching of each of our four Marian giants.  Record your thoughts, prayers and fruits of your pondering.

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TreeFort Music Festival

"Pondering the Popes" Film Series

Night Skiing Ends at Bogus Basin 

Return of Indoor Professional Football

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   "Catholic Book Club" is a segment heart every other Friday on Morning Light.  In this edition, Pam DiLucca moderates the discussion of the book “BE HEALED” by Bob Schuchts.

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