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Today’s prayer:  “Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary. Unveil for me the meaning of the Immaculate Conception..”  

Questions for Day 10:  Within the Trinity, God is love and God loves himself.  How can we imitate this? And why would we want to? How do we prepare for eternal union with God in heaven?  How might Mary intercede with the Holy Spirit about issues of modern marriage and the family?

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   The Coaching Educator - Rebecca M. Carroll - pays a visit to Morning Light to discuss some positive ways young adults can spend their upcoming Spring Break.

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   Seminarian Nelson Cintra (via webcam) shares upcoming vocations events with the Morning Light audience.

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   Creator of "Lenten Destinations" Michael Gisondi joins Morning Light over the phone from Florida.  Learn more about where his inspiration came from to write an e-book and produce these 1-minute reflections to prepare us during Lent.

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   Ralph May from St. Vincent de Paul brings Mark Renick back once again to Morning Light. We continue our conversation on the re-entry program where citizens previously incarcerated are plugged back into society with a place to live, a job and more.

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