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   During the weekly Marriage & Family Life segment of Morning Light, Chris Jones talks about the annual Idaho Family Camp event in Cascade that attracts around 50 Catholic families for a weekend of faith and camping

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   "Music for the Soul" is Jaime Thietten's segment of Morning Light where she highlights newer renditions of older hymns.  This weekend's Responsorial Psalm is Psalm 91 so we feature "On Eagles Wings" by Catholic artist, Kitty Cleveland.

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Today’s prayer:  “Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary.  Help me to listen to Jesus’ thirst.”  

Questions for Day 16:  Do you set aside time for prayer or do you pray throughout the day?  What are some of the things that block that contact with Jesus? Make a list of interior things such as worries, past hurts, life’s mistakes...and exterior things like grocery lists, appointments and daily responsibilities.  Finally, what is it about you personally that Jesus thirsts for?

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   Morning Light presents "Vocations Focus" with Jim & Mary Ellen Nourse.  This edition promotes the upcoming Idaho Catholic Youth Conference as they talk to Dcn. Sal Carranza and Cathy Wheaton from the Diocese of Boise

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   Doug Alles, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Idaho, stops by Morning Light to talk about:  How Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving relate to Catholic Social Teaching.

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