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   "Catholic Counseling" is a weekly segment of Morning Light, where we’ve assembled a panel of experts to help Catholics maintain good mental health.  This week, Pete Espil in Twin Falls talks about the importance of patience.

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   "Knights News" is a weekly segment of Morning Light, spotlighting all of the wonderful work being done by the Knights of Columbus, both locally and around the world.  Today, Brian Simer shares more about the Christian Refugee Relief Fund.  Learn more at

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Today’s prayer:  “Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary.  Help me to be the one to console Jesus with Mary.”    

Questions for Day 21:  Mother Teresa urges you to “be the one” - what might Mary say to you to help you better understand the thirst of Jesus?  God the Holy Spirit names himself Consoler or Comforter - whom do you console in your personal relationships? How do you do it?  If your consolation is refused, how does that make you feel? Finally, Mother Teresa said the greatest evil is “lack of love and charity.”  Who needs your love to avoid loneliness? How often do you express your love of Jesus directly to Him?

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   John Keenan & Mike Turner from the Idaho Lay Dominicans make their weekly visit to Morning Light - this week to discuss grace and merit.

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   Chef Lou Aaron, Owner of the Westside Drive In and Deacon at Our Lady of the Rosary, talks about hyssop in this edition of "Cooking With Scripture" on Morning Light.  We see it mentioned in the Bible but what is it exactly and what can you use for in the kitchen?

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