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     Priscilla's Porch is a new weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Bizzy Schorr.  Today, she tackles the concept of Receptivity: What is it?  What it is NOT?  What it looks Like and how do we do it?



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     Morning Light welcomes back Mareesa Rule from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul SW Idaho.  Mareesa will soon be leaving her position in marketing to become the new Director of Development.  She also shares with us some opportunities for volunteers and sponsorships for the upcoming Summerfest.

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     Morning Light chats with Rebecca M. Carroll - The Coaching Educator - about Complete College America and some scary stats for Idaho‚Äôs performance.  Parents - are YOU wasting money paying for credits your college students don't really need?  Why is it taking MORE time to complete a traditional 2 or 4-year degree program?

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