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     Morning Light welcomes back Cathryn Gardner - music minister at Our Lady of the Rosary.  Today, she shares music for Lent, which again begins Wednesday, March 2nd

Ashes (Ash Wednesday)

O Come to the Altar (1st Sun) 

Change Our Hearts (2nd Sun)

40 Days- Maher (3rd Sun)

Awake O Sleeper (4th Sun)

In Christ Alone (5th Sun)

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     Morning Light offers up a "Best Of" episode with Fr. Nathan Dail, Vocations Director for the Diocese of Boise.

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     Morning Light offers up our Faith Community Nursing segment every other Thursday.  Today, we welcome back Gina Schmidt!  February 18th was National Caregivers Day so she sends a shout out to family caregivers and the challenges they face.  Plus, the importance of self-care and finally, the Patron Saints for family caregivers.

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