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     Morning Light is bringing back our FOCUS in February segment.  Fresh off the SEEK22 Conference, we will talk to a different FOCUS missionary each week to learn more about what they do on their respective college campuses.  Today, Bryson Thomas at the University of Idaho in Moscow - a FOCUS Greek missionary who helps to keep sorority sisters in touch with their Catholic faith.

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     Morning Light welcomes back Emily Naugle, our "Passionately Pro-Life" advocate, talking on this St. Valentine's Day about marriage.  And, with the Winter Olympics going on, married couples should "go for the gold" and strive to hit that 50th wedding anniversary.  Also, updates on Saturday's pro-life fair and the spring edition of 40 Days for Life.

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     Good stewardship of the gifts that God has given us is important when living out a Christian life.  Morning Light presents "Financial Fitness" - a segment to help you & your family turn those pennies from Heaven into a powerful pocketbook.  Today, Trey Schorr from Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors talks about the "fitness" portion :  how a budget is the diet program, the sacrifices needed to create the work-out plan, and how we need a "coach" (financial advisor) to keep us on track and reach our goals.

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