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     In this series, Brian Howell from Salt & Light Radio and Eric Meyer from Vandal Catholic will interview staff and students who are involved in the ministry work of St. Augustine's Student Center on the University of Idaho campus in Moscow, ID. 

     This week, we meet Ken Koceja & Sophie Plaza who are both part of Greek Life at the U of I.  Hollywood movies paint fraternities and sororities as a playful romp through every possible sin.  However, these two have found Vandal Catholic to be a great place to find strong bonds among like-minded young adults in a safe, God-filled atmosphere.

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     Morning Light presents "Tolkien Talk" as our guide through Middle Earth, Fr. Greg Vance from Bishop Kelly High School, discusses the masterpieces of JRR Tolkien.  Today during Episode #9, we talk about the evil forces that prowl about these timeless stories.

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     Johnnette (Women of Grace) and Jack (EWTN Open Line) Williams were in Idaho the past few days.  Among all of their speaking engagements, Morning Light caught up with the power couple to talk about a variety of topics - tune in and hear their answers to today's difficult questions.

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     Pat King with the Knights of Columbus joins Morning Light to take us through the first of 12 videos in the "Into the Breach" series, talking about masculinity.

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