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 In this series, Brian Howell from Salt & Light Radio and Eric Meyer from Vandal Catholic will interview staff and students who are involved in the ministry work of St. Augustine's Student Center on the University of Idaho campus in Moscow, ID. 

     In this episode, they interview Gracjan Kraszewski, Director of Intellectual Formation at St. Augustine's, about what he brings to the table for the young adults and teases a book that is on his horizon.


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     Morning Light presents "Catholic Book Club" - today, Karlo Broussard from Catholic Answers Live talks about his new book: "The New Relativism: Unmasking the Philosophy of Today's Woke Moralists" available at 

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     Fr. John Kucera joins Morning Light to discuss his responsibilities as State Chaplain for the Idaho Knights of Columbus. He also shares the story of Blsd. Michael McGivney and what the Knights mean to him as a priest?

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