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     The Bountiful Harvest is a newer segment to Morning Light where we discuss the spiritual side of agriculture.  What is the buzz when it comes to bees?  Today, we have a great discussion with Melinda Jean Stafford from the University of Idaho Extension Office who shares a hive full of facts about our winged friends that account for 35% of the country's food supply!

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     Faith & Feasts is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Teresa Zepeda.  Today, she looks ahead to some of the special dates on the liturgical calendar over the next week.  Plus, she reminds us that we are still celebrating Easter - don't quit sharing that joy of the resurrection with the world!

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     Man Cave is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Pat King and Eddie Trask.  Today, they focus on the paragraphs in the Catechism of the Catholic Church that talk about the "Lay Faithful."

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