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For this month's talk, the center was overjoyed to welcome some Carmelite sisters! One of the sisters gave an excellent meditation/reflection/inspirational talk on the love of God, how we cannot even start to understand how much He loves us, and how He merely wants to gaze upon us and surround us with joy and peace. 

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     Priscilla's Porch is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Bizzy Schorr.  This week - what is a "disorder" and how should we handle that as a Catholic?

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     Morning Light welcomes back Mareesa Rule, Development Director from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of SW Idaho.  Today's topics include: the recent Homeless Art Collective, the Overland Road Food Pantry and a teaser for the upcoming Summerfest in mid-June.


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     Morning Light had the delightful opportunity to interview Fr. Ambrose Henley, a Benedictine monk from the UK. He is visiting the Fraternity of Verbum Spei and shares with us his Catholic background plus how he met Fr. Dominique while doing mission work for St. Teresa of Calcutta!

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