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This week, Trinity and Maureen dove into the Old Testament prophets and their importance to church history. Christ constantly was quoting the prophets in order to show that He was the one, so it is important to go back and see who these great men were

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     Morning Light chats with Ken Jercha from Holy Apostles during our weekly Sacred Music segment.  What did the late Pope Benedict XVI have to say about sacred music?  And, the appropriate use of chant?  Plus, four music samples to share regarding the topic.


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     Morning Light welcomes back Alberto Jaramillo for "Seminarian Spotlight" as we talk with one of the newest seminarians for the Diocese of Boise, Cameron Englesby.

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     Morning Light talks with Christian Welp from the Diocese of Boise. As we find ourselves more than halfway through this year’s state legislative session, Christian talks about H-71, the Vulnerable Child Protection Act, which bans cross sex hormones, puberty blocking drugs and sex reassignment surgery for minors in Idaho.


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