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Today‚Äôs prayer:  Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary.  Help me to make this retreat with generosity and zeal.  

QUESTIONS:  Consider the place where you grew up and your birth family. How did that contribute to...or provide obstacles to...your growth in holiness and your desire to belong more completely to the Blessed Mother?  Consider your motives to begin this retreat with us - have you asked Mary to start a divine fire in your heart for Jesus?  What obstacles might she find there that would interfere? How will you overcome those obstacles?

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Boys Scouts of America at Our Lady of the Valley in Caldwell, ID

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   "The Tall Truth" with Shelly Donahue returns to the airwaves of Salt & Light Radio!  For the last 20 years, Shelly has traveled all over America promoting purity on purpose so that teenagers have a better chance of reaching their hopes and dreams for the future. Today she shares some disturbing facts about "sexting."

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The Chair of St. Peter - celebrated Friday, February 22nd.

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"Tax Credit Scholarship"

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