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Today’s prayer:  “Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary.  Help me to praise you for such a quick, easy and secure path to holiness.”    

Questions for Day 7:  We must depend on supernatural help for bearing our crosses in life.  Do you have a list of crosses? How have you asked for supernatural help up to now?  We’ve heard the term “offer it up” for another person or some special intention.  How will this Marian consecration help with this aspect of your spiritual efforts?  Finally, “security” - we look for it everywhere: alarms for our homes and vehicles, online passwords, monitoring our credit cards, and so on.  Those protect physical life - what about Marian consecration gives you the most comfort and security?

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     Catholic Counseling is a weekly segment of Morning Light where we’ve assembled a panel of experts to help Catholics maintain good mental health.  This week, we welcome back Kathy Edwards from Cornerstone Psychological Associates.  Today, we talk about the Connection Between Mental and Physical Health.

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Kerry Hennessy, Knights of Columbus District Deputy for eastern Idaho 

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   In this weekly segment of Morning Light, John Keenan & Mike Turner from the Idaho Lay Dominicans discuss "grace" after their experiences at the recent men's Cursillo.

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   Chef Lou Aaron hosts a weekly segment on Morning Light called "Cooking With Scripture."  This week, Deacon Lou talks about onions in Biblical times while preparing a delicious onion marmalade served on toast with bleu cheese sprinkles.

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