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     Dan Bunch joins Morning Light to share a real need in the village of Kibanga in the African nation of Uganda. He has started a non-profit organization - Friends of Kibanga Medical Center - which is committed to raise awareness and support to create the Saint Gianna Molla Medical Center. The website is: and the non-profit email address is 

This 5-minute video is raw but perfect and shows life as it is in Kibanga.


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     Man Cave is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Pat King & David Fortin. Today is part 1 of their look at the Confiteor prayer. Most of the time, our confessions focus on the things that we have done (wrong) but have we thought about the things we've failed to do for others?

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     Teresa Zepeda returns to Morning Light with "Faith & Feasts," focusing today on Palm Sunday. Besides hearing about The Passion at Mass on Sunday, what are some other ways you can observe the beginning of Holy Week?  Teresa shares ideas on food, movies, games and more!

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