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     Priscilla's Porch is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Bizzy Schorr.  She couldn't be with us today so we offer this "Best of" segment (her first of 2022) talking about "The prayer for the wise ordering of one's heart" - a great one to start off 2023 with!

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     Morning Light welcomes back Ralph May, Executive Director from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of SW Idaho.  Tune in as he gives us quick recaps of “Avenues for Hope” and a couple of heartwarming stories from the “Christmas Toy Store.”  We also hear about some exciting changes in Re-entry Services!

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     Morning Light (especially Brian the big baseball fan) was honored to talk with Mike Sweeney, retired MLB All-Star and one of our keynote speakers for the upcoming Idaho Catholic Men’s Conference on February 4th. How can professional athletes practice their Catholic faith with such a demanding schedule?  Listen in and find out!  And, be sure to register at:


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