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For this week's Newman Night, the FOCUS Missionaries stationed at BSU got to share some of their experiences as missionaries, and they shared some information about their upcoming pilgrimage to the Camino de Santiago over spring break. 

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     Priscilla's Porch is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Bizzy Schorr.  Today, she continues her series on Harry Potter, discussing the Christian symbolism found within the books.

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     Good news!  We have Dr. Ray Guarendi on Morning Light during Catholic Book Club.  Bad news? This is a Best of, taken from Aug. 23, 2021…talking about his book “Jesus, the Master Psychologist.”  We will get Dr. Ray rescheduled soon to discuss his NEW book “Taught By Ten.”

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   Morning Light walks through the latest edition of the Idaho Catholic Register with its Editor - Dcn. Gene Fadness.

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