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  Salt & Light Catholic Radio presents “The Inspirations of St. Francis de Sales.”   Over the centuries, millions of lives have been touched and inspired by the wise and loving counsels of St. Francis de Sales.  Bishop Peter Christensen from the Diocese of Boise walks us through these 10-minute inspirations.  To purchase your “Inspirations” booklet for just $5, contact the Chancery or stop by Reilly’s Church Supply.

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   The Coaching Educator - Rebecca M. Carroll - talks with Morning Light about things for parents of high school students.  Check out all the free stuff on her website:

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   Morning Light welcomes Sister Sheila & Katy Rice to talk about Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

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   Morning Light presents "Catholic Book Club" - today, very special guest Fr. Donald Calloway, sharing details on his latest book - "Consecration to St. Joseph."

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