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Journeys of Faith - APR. 27th

   This week's JOURNEY OF FAITH features the inspiring and entertaining story of Bill McMahon.  Deacon Bob discusses Bill's previous involvement in Catholic Radio (including a meeting with EWTN's Mother Angelica!) plus how a simple note from a stranger brought him back to the Church.

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   Fr. Flores and Dcn. Kerry from Our Lady of the Valley in Caldwell host FAITH WITH FATHER where this week they will reflect on the Gospel readings from last Sunday the 19th and then look ahead to the readings we'll hear during the 4th Sunday of Easter.

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Journeys of Faith - APR. 13th

   JOURNEYS OF FAITH with your host Deacon Robert Barros-Bailey heard Mondays at 3:30pm on Salt & Light Radio.  Now that we are in the Easter season, do we really understand the deep mystery of what we've received?  "Mystagogy" is the topic of today's program - the more you listen, the more you learn!

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First Friday at the Monastery - APRIL


  The first Friday of each month, take a break and absorb the insights and serenity of the monastic life through your radio!  Salt & Light Radio presents “First Friday at the Monastery” - hosted by Pete Espil and featuring Southern Idaho’s own Benedictine monks from the Monastery of the Ascension.  We will bring you the beauty, inspiration and peace of a retreat at Ascension Monastery as the monks share their deep spirituality, wisdom and knowledge. Usually “First Friday at the Monastery” is heard on the first Friday of each month - but due to Good Friday on April 3rd, this month it was heard on April 10th at 6:00pm on Salt & Light Radio.

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Faith with Father - APR 8th

   Fr. Flores and Dcn. Kerry Harris from Our Lady of the Valley in Caldwell return for this edition of FAITH WITH FATHER.  They will first reflect upon the Gospel readings we heard on Easter Sunday and then look ahead to what we'll hear on Divine Mercy Sunday - the Second Sunday of Easter.

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Collar Talk - APR. 7th

   HE IS RISEN!  On this Easter episode of COLLAR TALK, Fr. Caleb Vogel and Fr. Justin Brady welcome back to the studio - Geoff Daigh and John Kucera, seminarians from the Diocese of Boise.  In this episode, a discussion of everyone's participation in Bishop Peter's installation Mass on Dec. 17, 2104.  Plus, we play "Stump the Seminarian" with questions e-mailed to us via

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Journeys of Faith - APR. 6th

   This episode of JOURNEYS OF FAITH will conclude the series of programs discussing George Weigel's book "Evangelizing Catholicism."  Join Deacon Bob & Pete Simon as they discuss "The Joy of the Gospel" taken from the chapter of the book called "Afterward."  You are encouraged to head to Reilly's and purchase this book - it will challenge you and your faith.  Once you finish reading it, come back to the podcasts of this series and listen again to these past programs regarding the book.

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