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Elijah Klaas from Bishop Kelly High School in Boise is the latest recipient of the Blessed Carlo Acutis Distinguished Graduate Award.  Nominated by Ted Klaas who says “Elijah is an excellent student who has shown his devotion to our Lord, Jesus Christ  by service  in his community.  He is not swayed by a culture of alcohol and drugs.  Elijah uses his  gifts of athleticism to share the blessings of God to those around him. He and his family prepare and distribute food boxes. And he helps those less able to maintain their homes and yards. Elijah is a blood donor.” Elijah will studying law while attending the University of Idaho.

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"Cooking With Scripture" is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Chef Lou Aaron, owner of the Westside Drive-In and a Deacon at Our Lady of the Rosary in SE Boise. Today, the theme is "flame" - whether it's cooking over an open flame or the flame of the Holy Spirit - Chef delves into the theme while the co-hosts enjoy beef skewers with fire-roasted onions and tortillas.

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Josh Andrus & Alanna Burg from the Idaho Lay Dominicans join Morning Light to continue their new series on Galatians…today, focusing on Chapter 3, verses 15-29.


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