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Morning Light welcomes back Mary Jo Dickson from Our Lady of the Rosary parish in SE Boise along with special guest: EWTN radio host Coleen Kelly Mast! Several events are coming up, including this Thursday, May 2nd - a live, Love Ed webinar. Then on May 19-20, Coleen will actually BE in Boise for an adult retreat called “The Four Heart Healthy Habits of Holiness“ and a couple more Love Ed seminars "Raising kids that are Strong, Smart and Pure” for fathers & sons and mothers & daughters with preteens. Learn more and register at  

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"Cooking With Scripture" is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Chef Lou Aaron - owner of Westside Drive-In and a Deacon at Our Lady of the Rosary. Chef could not be with us this morning so we jumped into the Way Back Machine to retrieve this "Best of" segment from April 19, 2022 talking about SEEDS!

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Alanna Burg and Josh Andrus from the Idaho Lay Dominicans join Morning Light today to conclude their series on the Letter to the Ephesians…wrapping up with Chapter 6:10-20


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