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     Salt & Light Catholic Radio now presents “Jesus the Bridegroom” as Sister Beverly from Marymount Hermitage shares more about this divine love story between Christ and His bride - the Church.  Based on the book by Dr. Brant Pitre, Sister Beverly helps us see the entire history of salvation - from Mount Sinai to Mount Calvary.

     Today’s episode discusses the ratification of the covenant between God and His people. From the Book of Exodus, if we look at the God of Isreal as the Divine Bridegroom, then sin is really just spiritual adultery.

     To learn more about the ministry work of Sister Beverly, please visit the website: 


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     Every other Friday, Morning Light gets to interview a member of the Idaho Knights of Columbus. Today, creator of our Man Cave segment, Pat King, who is also a member of the Knights Council #3086 at Our Lady of the Valley in Caldwell.  Tonight is their first Lenten Fish Fry of the year - what makes his fish so much better than others? Something called “Awesome Sauce!” Pat also heads up the COR program - tune in and find out what it is exactly and the purpose behind it.

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     Morning Light welcomes a surprise guest all the way from Philadelphia!  Chris Massaro is part of a group called "Biking for Babies" - tune in and find out what it is and why he was in Boise this week. He also shares some stories about the program and the people it has touched.  To learn more, go to 


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