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     For this week's "Sacred Music" segment, Morning Light visits with Julie Carrick from Carrick Ministries and host of “We Sing Our Faith” (heard Saturday nights at 8:00pm on Salt & Light Radio) Julie now has a special feature on Friday mornings on the Guadalupe Radio Network called "Notes of Truth with Julie Carrick." She also shares details on her busy Lenten Mission schedule which is focused on her 2nd book ‘Savior & Sustenance.'  Learn more about her ministry work at the following websites: 


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     Gina Schmidt returns to Morning Light as we resurrect our Faith Community Nursing segment!  February is Heart Health Month and Gina talks about high blood pressure. What are the consequences of high blood pressure? How can we properly take our own blood pressure? Is there an actual Patron Saint of this ailment that we can ask to intercede for us?

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     "Vocations Focus" is heard the first and third Thursday of each month during Morning Light. Today, Jim & Mary Ellen Nourse sit down with the "retired" Dcn. Verne Geidl from St. Augustine's in Moscow. "Retired" in the sense of that he and his wife head up the marriage prep classes at St. Augustine's!

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