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     Fr. Dominique from Verbum Spei shares his "Thoughts on Theology" during Morning Light. Today is episode 3 - "To Admire."

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     It's time for Morning Light to launch our annual series - FOCUS in February - where each week, we will talk with a missionary from one of our Idaho universities or a member of the FOCUS staff.  Today, we kick things off with Brendan Walsh, who grew up in southern California and graduated from the University of Washington with a business degree.  He is now in his second year as a FOCUS missionary on the campus of the University of Idaho in Moscow. 

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    Morning Light visits with our "Passionately Pro-Life" advocate Emily Naugle, sharing her thoughts about the recent Life Rally in downtown Boise. Also, an upcoming event at St. Mark's during Lent and details about a huge pro-life conference in the Portland area.

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