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     Morning Light is delighted to chat with one of the keynote speakers for tomorrow’s Idaho Catholic Men’s Conference - Chris Stefanick.  Learn more about his ministry at  either:  or at

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     Morning Light talks with Nick Pettinger on his  personal journey as a Catholic and why he joined the Knights of Columbus.

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     Morning Light welcomes back Mark Renick, Program Manager for St. Vincent de Paul’s Re-Entry Services.  Today, Mark shares the inspirational story of Doug Austin, leaving incarceration after 41 years. How have the Diocese of Boise and SVdP worked together on this success story? People such as Dcn. Mark Geraty and others through the years who were involved with Catholic Prison Ministry.  Mark also talks about the partnership with IDOC for Pre-Release Classes, which are now in five institutions in the prison complex south of Boise!


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