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    Why should Catholics be pro-life?  With the Idaho Respect Life Mass and March coming up this Saturday and the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children on the 22nd, Fr. Justin Brady from St. Paul's delves deeper into this subject during "The Catholic Attic" - a montly catechesis lesson heard during Morning Light.

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     "Man Cave" is a weekly segment of Morning Light with local host Pat King and, from Spirit of Truth Radio Arts, David Fortin.  Today, part 2 of their interview with Dcn. Dave Imhof regarding the new COR program offered by the Knights of Columbus.

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     Faith & Feasts is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Teresa Zepeda.  On today's segment: 1) How long can we leave up our Christmas tree & decor?  2) Who are the Saints coming up in the next 7 days and how can we celebrate them?  3) How can we properly observe the Holy Name of Jesus?

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