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     Morning Light presents this encore from Nov. 17, 2021 - Episode #2 of "The Catholic Attic" as Fr. Justin Brady, pastor of St. Paul’s parish in Nampa, explains more about the season of Advent.

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     Man Cave is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Pat King & David Fortin, discussing the issues in today's culture that affect Catholic men.  Today, they interview Bear Woznick about his new book "12 Rules to Manhood: Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?"

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     Faith & Feasts is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Teresa Zepeda.  Today, she talks about the saints & feasts we have to look forward to in the coming week.  Then we discuss - why is Advent a penitential season?  And, how can we observe it as such? [Sorry Frosty & Rudolph - we’re really focused on our Savior!]


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