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     Morning Light introduces you to Fr. Augustine Wetta, OSB - a monk at Saint Louis Abbey and one of the keynote speakers for the upcoming Idaho Catholic Men's Conference.  If, after you listen to Fr. Wetta's sense of humor, want to register for the Feb. 3rd event before it sells out - go to the website: 

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     Staff Writer Emily Woodham fills in for Editor Dcn. Scott Pearhill and walks Morning Light through the latest issue of the Idaho Catholic Register hot off the press!

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     Morning Light talks with Dr. Karel Sovak, Deacon of the School of Business at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND.  Dr. Sovak returns to Idaho next week as the keynote speaker for Salt & Light Radio's Catholic Leadership Series (Nov. 7 in Twin Falls and Nov. 8 in Boise)  Register now at our website: 

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