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     Morning Light talks with Brenna Newlan, latest recipient of a Blessed Carlo Acutis Distinguished Graduate Award. Brenna attends St. Augustine’s parish in Moscow and was nominated by Jennifer Morrison. Brenna shares a story from the recent ICYC plus her future plans after graduation.

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     Morning Light welcomes back the Executive Director of Mission at St. Augustine’s at the University of Idaho, and author of the book “The Catholic Company Man”- Eric Meyer!  Today, Chapter 9…”Purity and the Customer.”  This chapter focuses on virtue which seems to change over the generations…what happens in today’s culture would never have happened 50 to 100 years ago?  How do those blurred lines of virtue affect the corporate world?  Eric shares his experiences from being in the trenches.

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     During our weekly "Passionately Pro-Life" segment, Trish Campana stops by Morning Light to share her personal story of adoption, meeting her birth mother, and why she is such a strong pro-life advocate all these years later.

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     The Parish of the Week is Our Lady of Tears in Silver City.  Morning Light talks with MaryLou Molitor about her long history with this little chapel. Why does it fall under the care of St. Paul’s in Nampa?  Due to its hard-to-get-to location, there are a limited number of Masses during the summer - are they every Sunday or just certain days?  Tune in and find out!

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