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     In this series, Brian Howell from Salt & Light Radio and Eric Meyer from Vandal Catholic will interview staff and students who are involved in the ministry work of St. Augustine's Student Center on the University of Idaho campus in Moscow, ID.  In this episode, we interview Campus Minister, Nicole Koepl, about her Catholic background, her vision for Vandal Catholic along with some success stories of what V.C. means to these college students.

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     Tolkien Talk returns to Morning Light with Fr. Greg Vance, our guide through Middle Earth and the literary masterpieces of JRR Tolkien.  Today, we learn more about the Hobbits.  What started as a scribble on a blank piece of paper evolved into an incredible race of simple farm people that would go on to do amazing things!

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     Dr. Ian Murphy joins Morning Light today to moderate Catholic Book Club as he shares his new book “The Road to Self-Awareness: A Therapy Book for Christians” available through Sophia Institute Press. 


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     Morning Light chats with the Idaho Knights of Columbus every other Friday.  Today, District Deputy Cory Newell talks about his responsibilities and explains the hierarchy of the Knights of Columbus, from Supreme down to your local parish.  Learn more at 

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