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In this week's episode, Maureen and Trinity dive right into the beginning pages of Genesis. This episode is about the meanings behind the names we see as well as the many symbolic numbers. 

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Welcome to the introductory episode of, "Backstories of the Bible." In this series, Trinity Baines and Maureen O'Toole will be diving into scripture and describing the history, context, and culture hidden behind the sacred text. Hopefully these conversations will help you understand scripture better and answer questions you may have had for a long time. 

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     The Catholic Attic is our monthly catechesis heard on Morning LightThis month, Fr. Justin Brady shares his thoughts on “Avoiding the Pitfalls of Today’s Culture.”  Despite the culture bombarding us with "Christmas" music and commercialism since Labor Day, we as Catholics know that the season does not end on the 26th...our Christmas party is just getting started!

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     Faith & Feasts is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Teresa Zepeda.  Today, she answers the mysteries surrounding The 12 Days of Christmas.  When do they start?  Is there something more to them than the awful song we hear this time of year?  How can we better celebrate this joyous season?

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     Man Cave is a weekly segment of Morning Light.  Today, Pat King introduces us to Fr. Francis from Ghana, Africa.  The Knights of Columbus Council at Our Lady of the Valley has dedicated funds over the last couple of years to help build a physical church for Father and the hundreds of faithful Catholics in his community. Father shares his conversion story and his gratitude for bumping into Pat in Italy.

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