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For this week's Newman Night talk at St. Paul's Student Center, Father Nathan Dail brought in a special guest, Sister Maria Juan Anderson, to share about her journey to the sisterhood. 

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This is the first of the Newman Night Talks being held Thursday nights at St. Paul's Catholic Student Center on Boise States University's campus. For this week's talk, Father Nathan Dail shared about how our relationship with God can help us realize our personal identity and our mission.  

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     Catholic Counseling is a weekly segment on Morning Light where we've assembled a panel of experts to help Catholics maintain good mental health.  This week, from Cornerstone Psychological Associates in Boise, we welcome back Kathy Edwards with today's topic: Change Your Perspective By Changing Your Thoughts

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     Chef Lou Aaron could not be with us this morning.  Morning Light presents this Best of Cooking With Scripture from September of 2019 (with original co-host Whitni Willmore) talking about capers, olives, and Noah. 

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     Morning Light welcomes back John Keenan & Josh Andrus from the Idaho Lay Dominicans.  Today, they discuss the man whose feast day is today - Saint John Chrysostom.

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