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     "Walking With Moms" is a new segment to Morning Light, based on the initiative from the USCCB.  Today's guest is J.A. Arroyo, State Pro-Life Leader for the Idaho Knights of Columbus, talking about their new program ASAP (AID and SUPPORT AFTER PREGNANCY)

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This week, Brian is back in the studio with Pat! They decided to talk about Jesus and how men need to be humble and listen for Him and to follow His path for them. 

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     Faith & Feasts is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Teresa Zepeda.  Today, she talks about the extraordinary Saint Louis IX and the incredible way he lived his life and governed his people as King of France in the 13th century.

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     Man Cave is a weekly segment of Morning Light hosted by Pat King & Eddie Trask.  Today, special guest Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue shares details on a foundation he & his wife created to help put an end to domestic violence.  Learn more at

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