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   Welcome to the first episode of the, "Man Cave Podcast." Pat King and Brian Howell will be coming to you every Wednesday at 9 am talking about the issues that plague Catholic men in today's culture. In this week's episode, Pat King shares his faith journey story, and how the idea for the podcast came to be. 

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     Morning Light welcomes back Fr. Justin Brady for another episode of, "The Catholic Attic." With May being a month of Mary, Father discusses the Blessed Mother and her role in our Faith. 

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     Morning Light welcomes back Teresa Zepeda as she shares with us a little bit about the 10 new saints that have been canonized recently. 

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     Morning Light welcomes back Pat King & Eddie Trask for another episode of Man Cave.  Today, the topic of "Purity" - chapter 27 in the book by Sam Guzman "The Catholic Gentleman."

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