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     "Priscilla's Porch" is a new weekly segment of Morning Light, hosted by Bizzy Schorr.  Today, she visits the idea of responsibility and virtue in a culture that honors victimhood.  One could say we live in an Economy of Victimhood. The discussion is based on the lessons we learn from the ancient Greek tragedy, Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles. 

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     Nationally known Catholic speaker, author, and apologist who has been a frequent guest on many of the EWTN programs you enjoy on Salt & Light Radio - Morning Light welcomes Gary Michuta as the moderator of today’s Catholic Book Club!  His new book is entitled: “Revolt Against Reality: Fighting the Foes of Sanity and Truth - From the Serpent to the State”

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     Morning Light welcomes back Dcn. Gene Fadness, Editor of the Idaho Catholic Register, with the latest edition hot off the press!

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