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Welcome to the very first episode of the S.A.L.T Podcast! In this episode, we talked with Gabrielle Baines, an ex-Chaldean nun, as she talks to us about her faith journey, as well as a little bit about the Chaldean spirituality. 

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Morning Light welcomes back Fr. Greg Vance, Chaplain at Bishop Kelly High School, as he brings us Episode #7 - “Conclusion”

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Morning Light welcomes Paul Ford, an MD  who was very busy in the pro-life medical world in California a few years back. He joins us to give a couple thoughts on the current status of the pro-life movement and what is happening regarding "Roe v Wade."

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Morning Light welcomes back Mark Raper, Chancellor for the Diocese of Boise. During the conversation, he talks to us about how Canon Law is different from the law we follow as citizens. 

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