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     Morning Light continues the conversation with Dr. Ray Guarendi.  Salt & Light Radio has a unique opportunity for you Dr. Ray fans out there.  On Tuesday, September 28 & Wednesday, September 29 at 5 & 7pm at Our Lady of the Rosary in east Boise, you have a chance to watch a live taping of his TV show - “Living Right with Dr. Ray” that airs on EWTN.  Visit for details.

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     Emily Naugle joins Morning Light with information regarding the 40 Days for Life fall prayer campaign (Set. 22 - Oct. 31)  Also, she shares stories from her recent trip to Houston for a 40 Days for Life leadership symposium.

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     Regarded as America’s leading Catholic psychologist and family counselor, EWTN’s Dr. Ray Guarendi joins Morning Light today to talk about his new book - “Jesus, the Master Psychologist: Listen to Him” which came out this past June.

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