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     Morning Light presents "Financial Fitness" with Jason Childers from Magellan Wealth.  Since classes start next week, what a great time to talk about college savings options and better ways to prepare to help pay for college.  Roth IRA versus 529 Plans - is one better, does one have more flexibility or offer better growth potential?  Tune in to find out!

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     The Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center Fundraising Banquet is Sept. 30th at 6:30 inside Marist Hall at St. Paul's in Nampa.  Morning Light talks with the special guest speaker for that event - Melissa Ohden.  She shares her story of surviving a failed saline infusion abortion at 7 months gestation.  That has fueled her into social work and now a powerhouse in the pro-life world.  To register for the banquet, please visit this link:


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     Morning Light talks with Margaret Hampton, Development Director for the Diocese of Boise.  August is National Make-A-Will month, so Margaret talks about that and the updated foundation website where parishioners can find many tools and resources to help them in preparing and updating their important documents.

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