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    During this special Year of St. Joseph, Morning Light will dedicate time to learn more about the Universal Protector of the Church.  Today, Fr. Mariusz Majewski offers a Gospel Reflection based on what we heard back on March 19th - St. Joseph’s Feast Day.  You can find this and many other great videos on our website and click the Year of St. Joseph button...part of our St. Joseph Virtual Retreat

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     Morning Light presents "Catholic Book Club" - We had a wonderful pre-recorded interview with the author of today’s book.  However, the hard drive it was stored on became corrupt and we lost the audio file.  So, Hope Ryan gets to moderate today on “Always a Catholic - How to Keep Your Kids in the Faith for Life” by Fr. Sebastian Walshe.

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     Rebecca M. Carroll - The Coaching Educator - joins Morning Light to talk about recent changes to the FAFSA and why it's important to parents with college-aged students.

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