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     Bishop Peter Christensen ordains four new priests into the Diocese of Boise:  Aleksander Dembowski, Joshua Falce, Adrian Leszko and Pawel Pawliszko.  This Mass was recorded live from the Catherdral of St. John in downtown Boise, ID.

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     Morning Light welcomes Jake Ineck back to the St. Gabriel Studio!  Today, Jake shares a recording from last night's Vespers and then sings a sneak peek of the sequence for Corpus Christi Sunday.

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     Vocations Focus in heard the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month during Morning Light.  Jim & Mary Ellen Nourse test our knowledge with "Lightning Round" this morning!

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     Filling in for Gina Schmidt today, Cari Moodie from Saint Alphonsus shares some updates on the COVID-19 vaccine as well as Summer Safety Tips during Morning Light.

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