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     During this Year of St. Joseph, Morning Light will focus on different aspects of this silent saint.  Today, we are happy to talk to Tammy Emerich, Principal of St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Boise, sharing the ways her school will be celebrating its namesake during this special year.

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     Morning Light presents Day #28 of our on-air Consecration to St. Joseph, following the book by Fr. Donald Calloway.  Today, “Comfort of the Afflicted, Pray for Us.”  As we know, the Church has 7 Spiritual Works of Mercy and 7 Corporal Works of Mercy.  These works of mercy help us to be devout followers of Jesus Christ by serving others.  We will all experience misery, suffering and tears in this life - isn’t it good to know we have someone to turn to for comfort and solace in those difficult times?

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     Morning Light welcomes back Emily Woodham to moderate Catholic Book Club, discussing the 1960 book "The Four Loves" by C.S. Lewis

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     Deacon Gene Fadness, Editor of the Idaho Catholic Register, joins Morning Light to discuss the latest issue hot off the press.

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