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     Morning Light welcomes back Christian Welp from the Idaho Catholic Network to talk about things at the Idaho Legislature that Catholic voters should know about.

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     Day #16 of Morning Light's 33-day on-air Consecration to St. Joseph, following the book by Father Donald Calloway.  Today - “Joseph Most Just, Pray for Us.”  Pope Pius XI said “St. Joseph won for himself the title of The Just Man and thus serves as a living model of that Christian justice which should reign in social life.”  What about you?  Are you just?  Do you love God, keep His commandments and act with honor and charity toward your neighbor?

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     Morning Light presents "Faith & Feasts" as Teresa Zepeda picks up the conversation from last week - how to use our 5 senses to create a wonderful environment for our Lenten journey.

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     Morning Light presents "Man Cave" with Pat King & Josh Dickson, talking today about evangelization - do we tend to overcomplicate things?  Do we worship a "Build-a-Bear Jesus" and bend the Gospels to fit our sinful nature?

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