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     Morning Light presents "Catholic Counseling" provided today from Catholic Charities of Idaho in Idaho Falls, we welcome back Rich Meyers.

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     Day 15 of Morning Light's on-air Consecration to St. Joseph, following the book by Fr. Donald Calloway.  Today, “Head of the Holy Family, Pray for Us.”  Today, calling a man the HEAD of the family is frowned upon but God is not worried about political correctness.  He established the family and designated that fathers be the heads of their families.  This doesn’t mean that men are better than women, considering the greatest human person who ever lived was a woman - Mary, the mother of God.  Jesus and Mary both delighted in the headship of St. Joseph in their home.

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     Morning Light welcomes back Alanna Burg & Mike Turner from the Idaho Lay Dominicans join us and continue our study of the Book of Romans.

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     Chef Lou Aaron could not join Morning Light today so we have a "Best of Cooking With Scripture" taken from March 3rd of last year...talking about CELERY.

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