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     Morning Light talks with Rich Meyers from Catholic Charities of Idaho as we find ourselves right in the middle of Random Acts of Kindness Week.

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     Morning Light presents Day 11 of our on-air Consecration to St. Joseph.  Today, “Spouse of the Mother of God, Pray For Us.”  There has never been a man more in love with a woman than St. Joseph was in love with Mary.  Mary knew that she was secure in the manhood of St. Joseph - her knight and warrior.  Every wife deserves such a husband - a gentleman, a protector, and a good father.  Women deserve men who are strong and protective yet gentle, loving and trustworthy.  The Church and the world need men like St. Joseph - he is the model husband.

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     Transform your life into a joyful celebration of our Faith by observing the long list of feasts on the Liturgical calendar. Morning Light brings you FAITH & FEASTS, with Teresa Zepeda, providing you with ideas on how to turn ordinary activities into supernatural opportunities. 

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     Morning Light presents "Man Cave” with Pat King & Josh Dickson, continuing their new series on “Into the Breach” an Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic men written by Bishop Thomas Olmsted from the Diocese of Phoenix.

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