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     Morning Light welcomes back Eddie Trask, author of the book “Confession All,” for Part 4 of our 5-week series on the subject of scrupulosity.  During the series, we’ve focused on a different Saint each week and used their thoughts & experiences to help us through the discussion. Today - St. Alphonsus Ligouri

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     November is National Adoption Month so Morning Light chats with three ladies involved with A New Beginning Adoption Agency.  Cara Walsh, Infant Program Director...Hannah Ziersch, birth mother who made an adoption plan 5 years ago...and Tina Kierce, Marketing and Communication Director for A New Beginning.

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     Morning Light is always excited to talk with Dr. Sarah Quilici, Superintendent of Idaho Catholic Schools.  Today, we cover a myriad of topics from COVID response to Catholic Schools Week to her participation in the Boston Marathon.  

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