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   “CATHOLIC COUNSELING is a weekly segment of Morning Lightwhere we’ve assembled a panel of experts to help Catholics maintain good mental health.  This morning, we’re joined by Dr. Joe Lipetzky from Cornerstone Psychological Associates in Boise.  

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   J.A. Arroyo and Mike Turner from the Knights of Columbus.

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   Morning Light presents a weekly segment with the Idaho Lay Dominicans.  This week, Mike Turner & Alanna Burg stop by to talk about the Blessed Virgin Mary - specifically, the Holy Rosary and the novena Mary, Un-doer of Knots.

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   "Cooking With Scripture" is a weekly segment of Morning Light.  However, Chef Lou could not be on the show this week (he was on Grandpa duty)  Hope & Brian invite you to join them on The Whole30 Program over the next 30 days.  Tune in to hear about the foods you can and cannot have during this body cleanse. (Hint - just eat the food that God put here for us.)

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